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Essential oils
May Love Transcend
on Earth

The Essence of Essential Oils
...all beings have their value…

Aromatherapy is a family name. The fragrances of nature have given birth to many, many offspring… from life-giving creations to those which are toxic. Sometimes it is difficult to know who’s who.

In the field of aromatherapy oils, there are many such siblings. There are many grades of oils such as those suited for massage oils to those used to scent toilet paper. All beings have their value. Here at the EcoVillage, over 600 oils are worked with extensively and of these - two basic types have been found to be of great benefit. First, there are the essential oils which are pure extracts of flowers, herbs, spices and resins. They tend to be very potent, volatile, and to a certain extent medicinal in aroma. Essential oils are best used diluted in some form of carrier oil base. The EcoVillage also works with essence oil (formulated by generations of essential oil makers) which have been formulated to be worn on the skin. Essence oils in their pure form, uncut and alcohol free, are long lasting, very fragrant. Some are relaxing, others stimulating and invigorating. All are excellent for aromatherapy use. Aromas evoke feelings… and feelings rule. Observe nature, inquire of the animals as to which of their senses is most important. They will let you know that their sense of smell is most vital. Smells travel deep within. Smells can enhance or debilitate one’s outlook on life. Essence oils are pleasant lingering aromas, some last even for days.
Through experience, it has been noted here at the EcoVillage that pure, undiluted essence oils evoke pleasant atmospheres which their more potent essential oil siblings simply do not. All beings have their value. Essential oils carry profound therapeutic value along their path of volatile potency. Essence oils carry lingering aromatic atmospheres along their path of expansiveness.

Excerpt from news article from Super Blinky web site
Where to Find the Best All Natural Perfume
2008-07-31 by Editor

It is old news that in 1999, due to frequent consumer complaints that exposure to Calvin Klein’s “Eternity” perfume had led to asthma, migraines, sensitization, and even multiple chemical sensitivity, the Environmental Health Network (EHN) had the perfume analyzed by an industry laboratory specializing in fragrance chemistry. The laboratory analysis showed that “Eternity” is composed 41 ingredients, some of which are well known to be toxic to the skin, respiratory tract, and the nervous and reproductive systems. Other ingredients are well known carcinogens. Since then, The National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health has conducted other analyses and reported that the perfume industry uses 3,000 different ingredients, most of which are synthetic... This is very unfortunate because perfumes have been an essential part of humanity through out the ages. Perfumes have been used to enhance sensuality and change moods and have even been used for healing benefits through out time. But the healing perfumes are made of natural ingredients. The good news is that while the mainstream perfume industry insists on using synthetic ingredients that endanger our health, it is still possible to find oils composed of natural, healing ingredients.

Some of the most common natural perfumes are called perfume, or fragrance oils. The oil that is extracted directly from flowers and plants is called essence oil. This oil is actually extremely highly concentrated. It is so concentrated that if you actually put it on your skin you’ll get a very nasty chemical burn. To make cosmetic grade fragrance oils that can be worn on the skin, manufacturers take these essence oils, combine them, and then dilute them with other clear oils that can be touched... So, fragrance oils are oils that are extracted straight from the flowers and plants and have been diluted so that they can be worn cosmetically.

Below are three fabulous places to find some absolutely wonderful fragrance oils that smell heavenly plus have all of the healing benefits that perfume should have.

The Purple People Market Place
One of my favorite places to buy fragrance oils is from The Purple People Market Place, available online. The Purple People are a monastic community led by Reverend Nazirmoreh K.B. Kedem in Saint Joe, Arkansas... They offer over 200 different fragrances including fragrance oils from individual flowers, herbs, and spices and traditional blended fragrance oils like Egyptian Musk and Sweet Oriental Musk. Things like Egyptian Musk are blended from ancient Egyptian well-known recipes….

Besides floral and classic perfume oils, The Purple People also (offer) fragrance oils modeled after designer perfumes found at typical retailers. From The Purple People, you can buy blended versions of Chanel #5, Chanel #19, Eternity, Escape, Fahrenheit, Giorgio, and Infinity, plus many, many more. I am unfortunately too sensitive to be able to get anywhere near the toxic cesspool originals of these perfumes, so I can’t tell you how similar The Purple People’s perfumes are to the originals, but I can tell you that they are wonderful fragrances.

Plus, these fragrance oils are cheap, so what do you have to loose? How cheap are they? A tester for 1/3 dram is $2, and just to let you know, even if used daily, a tester can last you for at least 6 to 9 months. A 1 dram bottle costs $3, a 1/8 oz roll on costs $9 and the prices of their larger bottles go all the way up to $40 and make very nice gifts…

Many Paths. One Goal…
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