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Brought forth through the inspiration, direction of our  Beloved Spiritual Master
Reverend Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.).
"The Writings"
Introduction #56
(Introduction to meditation session held at the Veil of Truth - 11/1/92

Welcome one and all. First and foremost I give thanks to Nazirmoreh (A.B.R.D.), our Spiritual Teacher and Guide. Many know words of truth, but how many will live it - and how many less are capable to guide. To be that example, to extend that open hand in Love, few possess. To obtain such guidance is a rare privilege. As Nazirmoreh (ABRD) teaches, we are on a cyclic journey. The call of Life remains unmoved, while this call to live moves all to act. Like a spiral, we meet the consistency of life's experiences again and again. As above, so below. Yet it is the quality of our response to this call which directs our movements, even our next breath -- wisdom or woe. The upward path is wisdom - stagnation leads to woe. Living, loving, survival itself, is a refining process. Needs, wants, desires, are just a means to grow. To involute on this cyclic journey, is to meet life's circumstances by becoming attached to, weighed down by, these involvements. To evolve is to meet these same circumstances with ever increasing levels of wisdom. The lessons become more subtle, more refined, as one evolves. And so one's character becomes more subtle and refined. Agility is developed. As one involutes, one's nature becomes more coarse, more dense. Like weeds, one descends into constricting, cloddish behavior. We meet with the same actions again and again, we choose to respond with higher or lower reactions. Experience is for the taking. Growth is in the making. Better for us all to grow up. Those who seek the path of wisdom, recognize when guidance is needed and acknowledge when the hand is extended in Love. The gift of guidance assists in making the swiftest ascent, making the wisest choices, responding with higher levels of awareness. Blessings and thanks to Nazirmoreh (ABRD) our Spiritual Master for assisting us to evolve.

Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Teacher and Director,
the Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD).


A Children's Story for the child in All

July 2003

Even as the poet gathers together once again:

The forest was so lovely, green and deep,
    and he had promises to keep,
    with valleys low and mountains steep,
    through half spun dreams and clouds that sleep…

     With a kingly stride for such a small stature, possessing a sharp intellect to match - he walked up to the forests' edge, and, stealing a little time from the days work, stood thoughtfully. Searching for a better view, he slowly and carefully climbed up on a nearby ledge. Yet for all his efforts, he could not see through it all - with so much vegetation in the way and with trees standing so tall. "What lay on the other side?", echoed deep within him somewhere. From where he stood, this question would always be there. He sat quietly gazing for sometime, turning this question over and over in his mind - when suddenly from out of nowhere, a response cam echoing through the forest deep - "Come see, come see, come see…".
     Startled, he immediately rose to his little feet and jumped off his little ledge. Quickly looking over his shoulder, he whispered this little pledge. "I know what I'm doing, and where I'm going too - right now the forest calls, and this forest I mush go through". To this, with a kingly stride and grasping mind - in the little king went…

    He perceived the straightest way through
    would be to follow a line in the direction of the sun.
    Then setting his eyes on the many sights and sounds around him, his journey had now begun -

A thick chorus of crickets welcomed this little king into his court. The dew heavy upon the foliage, lay a carpet for his comfort. It was as if the whole forest was aware of his presence - each flower and insect waiting to tell him of their story. And it was a beautiful day - warm and breezy. It seemed as though the suns' rays trickled through the openings in the tree tops - just to touch him with their vibrant sensesation…

He felt very relaxed and open when  it happened -

Slowly walking along,
  with limb and vine hugging his feet,
from somewhere came a voice,
  very low and  subtly sweet.

"Where go you, my little man?
  I saw you coming from a distance.
Perhaps I can keep you company,
  perhaps I can be of assistance."

A Chameleon of many colors,
  bowed as it introduced itself.
"Many do call me Pleasurable,
  don't mind the few who call me Stealth."

He watched the Chameleon perform,
  changing colors as the scenery shifted.
Walking thru flowers and leaves,
  with each new scene it's appearance drifted.

The little king marveled at this sight,
  as thoughtfully within himself he mused.
Now having the kings' full attention,
  the Chameleon sat down highly amused.

Then in full glory the Chameleon proceeded
  to say with a sly little wink,
"How do you like my beautiful colors?
  Tell me what you really think."

The question revealed the Chameleons' true colors,
  turning a light on in the little kings' head.
Seeing in truth this was all a display of the ego,
  growing in discrimination, the little king said -

"I don't' know about this meeting,
  you keep changing colors right before my eyes.
How am I to know,
  this is not all a grand disguise?"

"My friend have no worry,
  my friend put down all fear -
don't I look just lovely,
  no matter which way I appear?"

"Perhaps that may be so,
  but I remember being taught too,
outwardly many profess,
  but inwardly few remain true."

"Well, don't I sound completely real,
  I can sing and dance right here on the spot.
Come on, what's the problem -
  do you want me along or not?"

Then holding his head high, the little king thought to himself, "Seeing thru that Chameleon was as easy as looking in a mirror." Then looking in the direction of the Sun, he journeyed on…
     He rambled through the forest for what seemed like hours without end - greeting each strange new plant, as well as every four legged and furry friend. The atmosphere was so peaceful. The little king hadn't a care in the world. Not really paying attention where he was going…
Ggggrowlll !!!", came a sudden and terrifying sound. Frozen in his tracks, he did not dare turn around. "Ggggrowlll !!!", came a cry - loud, fierce and mighty, with footsteps racing towards his now trembling body. Then swooping the little king up in it's giant jaws, it carried him swiftly off with it's four giant paws.
     In great terror, his programmed  conditioned thoughts took full control of his fledging little mind. He could not understand why all this was happening to him - why was life (which a moment ago was so carefree) being so hostility unfair. In defense, it flashed before his uncontrolled mind - "I was just simply taking a little walk through the forest. Someone should have warned me - no one ever heard me say I knew what I was doing or where I was going or where I was going… None of this is my fault." Fear overtook even these elementary thoughts, as he felt sharp teeth closing in on all sides. And so the story turned…

Taken to a little clearing,
  and set down on the forest bed.
Not knowing what would be his fate,
  he closed his eyes in dread.

Crying with every ounce of his being,
  "Oh please leave me be, sir!".
With no thought of anything else in life,
  his mind was now simply a blur.

To the little kings' utter astonishment,
  the Great Bear opened it's mouth wide.
Then looking the little king straight in the eye,
  told him to put all fear aside.

"There are times - as life turns around on it's wheel,
  that shocks, discomfort and pain may come -
to assist the passenger
grow in clarity,
  towards goodness, beauty and true freedom."

"Had you taken just one more little step,
  in the direction you were going -
in the deepest hole you would have fallen,
  at it's bottom hot lava flowing."

The little king regaining has senses,
  enlightened by this traumatic event,
opened up fully to the lesson,
  seeing so clearly what the Great Bear meant.

"Thank you so very much kind and gentle bear,
  I am now so grateful for your fearful cry and sharp teeth.
For had you thought it kinder not to show them,
  I would have fallen into a deep abysmal beneath."

Giving the little king a great big hug, it softly smiled and said, "My weary little traveler, rest here for a while. You have come a long, long way - with still a long way to go. So do what you must to get back on the Path- and from it stray no more." His little eyes were indeed growing heavy, and his mind full of the days' experiences. Wondering what the Great Bear meant about getting back on the Path, he laid down and closed his eyes to sleep. The Great Bear disappeared as suddenly as it had come.

     The sun making it's way across the midday sky, slowly crept over the little kings' face - awakening him from a refreshing rest. Rubbing his eyes gently, he rose once again - ready to continue on his journey --- anticipating the many sights and sounds waiting him in the forest. Upon taking his very first step…

"Excuse me please, excuse me please -
  you are stepping on my foot."
Looking down, the little king saw,
  an ant half hid beneath a root.

"I'm so sorry tiny legged one,
  I pray you are not harmed.
I did not even see you there,
  please don't be alarmed."

The little king bent down to help the little ant to his feet. Apologizing, he told the ant it was all just an accident. The ant raised it's antennas and pointing them toward the little king he said -

"Though what you may call an accident - does happen,
  it eases not the pain of my circumstance.
Please don't take lightly any incident,
  for truly nothing ever happens by chance."

"Those who travel life's many roads,
  involved in life's many distractions -
Entangled they see not the cause,
  of the pain which follows their actions."

"Then excusing each effect one by one,
  'til unconsciousness becomes the norm.
Accumulating debt after debt,
  like one unprepared for a storm.."

"Still the scales demand to be balanced,
  for every wrong must be duly righted.
Look for the cause and attend to that,
  that no debt be unconsciously slighted."

"Pay full attention to each thought, word, and deed,
  for so the lessons go.
You could not have possibly stepped on my foot,
  if in consciousness you sow."

The little king listened intently to all that ant revealed, giving serious attention to his actions. Picking up his hew found friend, he thanked it - and asked what could he do to make up for the suffering he had caused. The little ant replied, "Here is a little secret," and whispered in the little kings' ear, "go find the babbling brook, you have a friend there very dear". The little king asked where was this brook, for he did not know the forest's depth. The final words of the little ant were, "it is easily found when in consciousness you step, but be prepared if into unconsciousness you fall".

The day was beginning to set, and he had found neither the brook nor the forest's end. And what did the Great Bear mean about getting back on the Path? Though trying unsuccessfully not to be distracted with anxiety and worry, each step was becoming harder to bare --- Suddenly… Drop, drop, drip -  came a sound from down the hill. Drip, drip, drop -  as his little feet ran towards the spot. Then - Splash into the water, splash without a look. Not watching his footstep, he fell head first into the brook. A wave picked him up gently and rolled him back onto the bank. Then with a gentle ripple it uttered, "My brother, you almost sank!".

Sitting up he wiped his eyes,
     and looked intently into the flow -
Seeing only his image he asked,

   "Who are you, please let me know.".

To know me, here is a story. Follow it through to the letter.
If you are so able, both of us will be the better.
One time not so long ago, while flying through the sky -
A lighter part was severed - while the heavier part did die.
An eagle caught the lighter, placing it carefully in this reflection.
But the heavier part was caught, in the hands of a lower projection.
Look deeply into this mirror, for Love does conquer all.
Truly I am your Brother, it was as One we heard the Call."

The little king looked deeply into the water. His eyes opened wide when he saw that his reflection was carrying a load. He wondered if he was dreaming, for he knew he had entered the forest empty handed. He felt very uneasy seeing this, and tried in his mind to assure himself that this image was his imagination. Half-heartedly, after considering all that he had done and not done in the past, he asked his other half - "What is that you carry, what has it to do with me? If you be my reflection, what is this I see?".

His other half replied

In this bag are your burdens.
    of ignorer, deceiver and thief.
Thinking they cannot be seen,
    regardless of how much they cause you grief.

I see and do record every single maneuver,
    it matters not that as two - the lower part did descend.
Together we can create a most beautiful jewel,
    I long to reunite that as One we may ascend.

I can remain only a deep hidden reflection,
    when through life's distractions woe is fed.
Only the unwise drop the bowl of sweetly cooked rice,
    to feast on a crumbs of fallen bread.

The forest is full of life's many and varied wonders,
    the other side will always seem an interesting quest.
Each step - an opportunity to live a holy life,
    yet there are so many ways to stray from what is truly best.

This morning found you last in the mind's deep dark forest,
    rambling on - all you have come to find id the night sky.
Step after step the forest's end will never be reached,
    when like a dream. it's lessons are viewed as clouds floating by.

Looking outwardly - off the Path you chose to wander,
    over looking the true adventure which lies in going within.
Looking over your shoulder you thought to get through,
    mountains steep and valleys low - possessed by a most heavy burden.

With a clear sharp mind you stride,
    with confidence born of a nobler path.
Only partially can the higher get through,
    due to the firm grip of the lower's wrath.

Through a turn of fate - I am but your reflection,
    turning within the heart until truth you enthrone.
Little king awake to the blessings around you,
    lest forest after forest you wander alone…

The evening bell rung. He awoke abruptly, anxiously looking around wondering what had happened. Sent to collect three bags of leaves to assist in mulching the turnip and asparagus raised bed planters, he saw just a half filled bag right where he left it before falling asleep on the little ledge. Though he knew he would have to pay for his neglect, he felt as though a burden was being lifted from his heart, as though a connection was made - like a new day was beginning after a long deep night. As he gathered together his empty bags, he gathered together his thoughts. Like a breeze gently blowing through his mind, he heard a whisper - "Come be, come be, come be…". He at first thought he must be dreaming. But then arose a small, sure voice. Even as the poet gathers together once again the ending lines of the poem, this he heard and put to memory -

Tho I fell down into your reflection,
    you did climb up to the Teacher's door.
Thru effort receive and use the promise,
    that you originally came here for.

For the two to once again be One,
    the student must open the latch.
Distracted not by a kingly stride,
    or with a sharp intellect to match.

For where would the wayfarer be,
    without the star's guiding light?
And how would the traveler stay warm,
    on a cold winter's night?

With guidance the ramblings end,
    with the aid of fire the lamp is lit.
The wise well know the value,
    and are not deceived by the ego's wit.

To all who so make ready,
    the door will open wide.
When  the Teacher rings the bell,

    step up and step inside.

He looked into the forest once more, before hurrying in with his empty bags - but with a change of heart, thankful to be right here, right now… ready to give his All.

The Beginning...

Blessings and Thanks to our
Spiritual Teacher and Master
the Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)

A student of Nazirmoreh (ABRD)
Nazirahkote S. K. A. Kedem

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