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Essential oils
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Ginger Essential Oil

grounding, warming; upset stomach. nausea...

Price: $18.00
Grapefruit Essential Oil

cheerful, disperses negativity

Price: $18.00
Hyssop Essential Oil

antiseptic, cough reliever, and expectorant; purification, stimulating, relieving anxiety and tension

Price: $36.00
Juniperberry Essential Oil

helps stimulate and strengthen the nerves...

Price: $36.00
Lavender Essential Oil

speeds all healing processes, eases depression

Price: $18.00
Lemon Essential Oil

lively, energizing, eases depression

Price: $18.00
Lemongrass Essential Oil

vitality, promotes strength, sunny disposition; insect repellent, expels fleas from pets

Price: $18.00
Lime Essential Oil

cheerful, revitalizing, tones the skin

Price: $18.00
Marigold Essential Oil

will power; insect repellent, anti parasitic and anti septic

Price: $36.00
Marjoram Essential Oil

calming, soothing, relieves muscle pain and tension

Price: $18.00
Myrrh Essential Oil

skin care, soothes gum diseases; mystical, sacred, confidence, courage

Price: $36.00
Myrtle Essential Oil

calming, purifying

Price: $18.00
Neem Essential Oil

stimulating, soothing, relieves dry skin ...

Price: $18.00
Nutmeg Essential Oil

rejuvenation, energizing, spice of life, stress, heart problems

Price: $18.00
Oak Moss Absolute Essential Oil

  attracts abundance; expectorant, eases breathing; skin regeneration, heals wounds

Price: $12.00
Oregano Essential Oil

100% organic

Price: $60.00
Palmarosa Essential Oil

joy, energizing, improves digestion

Price: $18.00
Patchouli Essential Oil

centering, calming, skin regeneration, insect repellent

Price: $18.00
Pennyroyal Essential Oil

colds, pneumonia, and other breathing problems, stomach pains...

Price: $36.00
Peppermint Essential Oil

alertness, aids colds and fevers, refreshing

Price: $18.00
Pine Essential Oil

aids lethargy, apathy; energizing

Price: $18.00
Ravensara Essential Oil

lung and throat infections, chronic sinus inflammation...

Price: $36.00
Red Mandarin Essential Oil

cheerful, revitalizing

Price: $18.00
Rose Absolute Essential Oil

calms mind and emotions, meditative, relaxing, relieves depression and stress

Price: $200.00
Rosemary Essential Oil

eases nervous conditions, stimulating, clarity

Price: $18.00
Rosewood Essential Oil

soothing, promotes gentleness, clarity

Price: $18.00
Sage Essential Oil

protection, centering, disperses negativity

Price: $18.00
Sandalwood Essential Oil


Price: $275.00
Spearmint Essential Oil

refreshing, cooling, regeneration

Price: $18.00
Spikenard Essential Oil

Price: Select options...
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