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Information on Charcoal Based Incense


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a service of Nahziryah Monastic Community

Charcoal incense sticks (recognizable by their firm black composition) burn very clean, allowing the true fragrance of the incense to flow freely - without a preponderance of wood burning pulp. Listed below is an array of choice charcoal incense - true to their calling.

"Smell the true in-dwelling fragrance."

Discover the many paths of incense...

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Charcoal Based Incense Sticks include:
Amber Kasturi
Green Champa
Green Mogra
Green Rose
Spiritual Flora
Indian Patchouli Incense
Mysore Sandalwood

(many floral aromas to choose from)

Gonesh Incense
(many rich and potent blends to choose from)

Nazir Art Craft's Finer Quality Line
(many rare fragrances)

Yoga Supreme
(many scents to choose from)


Thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for creating an atmosphere of peace and grace- even over the phone and on your website!
T. D. (IL)

"Good morning-
I received the package this weekend, and I am very pleased with the products. I wanted to thank you again for your kindness and patience."
L. E. (PA)


"Just placed my incense order and I always love doing this. I order from this quirky little place. Been getting my supplies from them for about 2 years and they are very strange, but cool. I know, I know ... I'm just an old hippie who still loves incense, Zeppelin and old, worn Levi's. Ya'll check out the Padmini Incense, regular stick. My absolute favorite. I always order the 100 stick box, as well as a few other goodies (from) Nahziryah Monastic Community"

(the world wide web)

The Many Forms of Incense

Incense, offered the world over, is wonderfully formed of every shape and kind - cone incense, jumbo incense sticks, joss sticks, dhoop sticks, smudge sticks, resins, coil incense, spiral incense and more… Much love and effort goes into gathering together these gifts of nature. Wide variety - large selection. Step into the Purple People Market Place and discover an omniverse of incense. "It's a purple experience…"

Please visit The Gift Shops for a unique selection of brass incense burners, wooden incense holders, meditation supplies and more...

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Thank you very much.

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We are on an infinite journey and there are always heights ahead...
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