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Specialty Incense Shops

Stroll through the incense offered herein by clicking on the highlighted fragrances of choice. Below each market tent is a listing of fragrances by incense specialty design. A world of fragrances to choose from.

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Thank you for the work that you do. Thank you for creating an atmosphere of peace and grace- even over the phone and on your website!
T. D. (IL)

Incense Sticks
Incense Sticks
Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks
Market Place

Akchhay Sandalwood  $3.50
Amber Kasturi- $3.00

The Many Forms of Amber

Auroshikha Incense10 gm $2
-African Violet
-Geranium (Joie du Soliel)
-Jasmine (purity)
-Lavender, French
-Lily of the Valley
-Oriental Bouquet
-Spice, Saffron
-Ylang Ylang

Bharath's Darshan $3.50

Blue Pearl Incense(100gm) $10
Blue Pearl Incense Sticks (20 Grams) $3.50
- Amber
- Cedarwood
- Classic Champa
- Majmua
- Musk Champa
- Sandalwood

Chamatkaar $3.00
China Rain $2.00
Dragon's blood  $3.00

Fred Soll Incense
20 sticks - $13.00
-Amber, honey
-Cedarwood, Mountain
- Cinnamon
-Copal, Magical
-Dragon's blood (10 sticks)
-Frankincense, ancient
-Frankincense & Myrrh
-Myrrh Sacred
-Rain, ceremonial
-Rosemary / sage
-Sage / cedar

Firdous Incense -  $7.00
Gateway of India $3.00
Goloka Nag Champa
Gonesh Incense Sticks $2.00
- Ancient Times, #6
- Patchouli
- Sandalwood
- Spring  Mist, #8
- Vanilla
- Wisteria
- Cinnamon
- Mint
- Honeysuckle

Green Champa Incense - $3.50
Green Rose Incense - $3.00
Green Mogra Incense  $3.50
Gulab (Roses) $3.50
Himalayas Incense $3.00
Kama Sutra Incense $ 3.50
Kamala Premium Collection
Kewda Incense  $1.50
Lavender Incense $2.50
Lyrics Incense - $3.50
Mist Incense - $3.50
Mogra Flower $3.00
Mysore Sandalwood Incense  $3.00 & $1.50
Naga  $1.50
Naga Champa $1.50
Nandi Flora - $3.00
Nandi Mogra - $3.00
Nandi Golden - $3.00
Nandi Lailla - $3.00
Orchids Incense - $3.50 & $1.50
Patchouli Incense - $3.00

Prasad Incense $3.00
- Amber
- Cedarwood
- Frankincense
- Jasmine
- Magnolia
- Myrrh
- Patchouli
- Rose
- Sandalwood
- Ylang Ylang

Padmini Incense $8
Precious Chandan  $1.50, $8
Raj Laxmi $7.00
Ras Leela - $3.00
Real Rose $1.50
Russian Rose Incense- $3.00
Sai Flora  -  $4.00 $7.00
Samadhi $3.00
Satya Natural - $3.00
Shivshakti - $3.00
Spiritual Flora - $2.50
Spiritual Guide Incense $8.00 & $1.50
Sri Sai Baba 2 in 1 $3.50
Sugandha Sringar $1.50/$2.50

Satya Sai Baba
Nag Champa Incense
15 GRAM SIZE    $3.00
40 GRAM SIZE    $5.00
100 GRM SIZE  $10.00
250 GRAM SIZE $19.00

Shivranjani Incense
20 GRAMS  $3.00
40 GRAMS  $5.00

Shantimalai Nag Champa
40 grams   $4.00
40 grams (long sticks) $4.50
100 grams $9.00
250 grams  $18.00
500 grams $33.00

Triloka Incense $2.00
- Night Queen
- Clear Wind
- Egyptian Musk
- Lotus Moon
- Tibetan Lotus
- Orange Blossom
- Patchouli
- Assorted #1 $2.50
- Assorted #2 $2.50

Triloka Premium  Incense
- Amber
- Astral Sandal
- Balalaika
- Lotus Champa
- Talisman
- Assorted #1
- Assorted #2
- Assorted #4

Tulasi Sandalwood Incense$1.50 $3.50  $4.50
Tulasi Flora - $3.00
Vaishnavi Flora - $2.50
Vinason's Darshan $2.00
Vinason's Patchouli Incense - $1.50 & $3.00

Yoga Supreme Incense $2.00
- Bayberry
- Champa
- Fantasy
- Frangipani
- Frankincense
- Opium
- Passionfruit
- Sandalwood
- Vanilla

999 Krsna Puja - $4.00
999 Krsna Dhoop Sticks  - $1.50

Cone Incense and
Rope Incense

Ascension Cones
made here at NMC

Triloka Ayurvedic Cones
- Pitta/Fire
- Kapha/Water
- Vatta/Air

Triloka Incense Cones
- Amber
- Frankincense
- Lemon Grass
- Green Patchouli
- Sandalwood
- Tangerine
- China Rain
- Vanilla Rose
- Vanilla Sandalwood
- ASSORTED #1 -jasmine, amber, rose, patchouli, musk, frankincense, sandalwood
- ASSORTED #2 - marrakesh, lemongrass, sandalwood, van. sand., tangerine, vanilla, china rain

Gonesh Incense Cones

Classic Line

- Oils and Spices #2
- Orchards and Vines #4
- Ancient Times #6
- Spring Mist  #8
- Herbs and Flowers #10
- Green Mountains #12
- Variety 1 (#2, 6, 12)

Extra Rich

- Cinnamon
- Coconut
- Honeysuckle
- Jasmine
- Love
- Musk
- Patchouli
- Sandalwood
- Spice
- Strawberry
- Vanilla Sandalwood
- Variety 1 (JAS/SAND/STRW)
- Variety 2 (LOV/MSK/HON)
- Variety 3 (PAT/CIN/VAN)

Madhuban variety pack

Purple Label Cones

Finer Line Cones

Laxmi Sandal Cones
Chandan Incense Dhoop
Krishna Leela Cones
Laxmi Dhoop

Perfume Dhoop

Computer Sambrani Loban

Nepal Rope Incense

Coil Incense and
Spiral Incense
Enter Here

Aloeswood Coils
10 large coils - very long burning. Decorative Octagonal box $22.0

Meditation Spiral Incense -
8 hours each
(use with hook end holder - see below)
Variety Pack  (Meditation Gift Set) $29
2 each of Lavender / Sandalwood / Vanilla
(comes with ceramic holder)
Refills - one scent and variety paks, 6 spirals $12.00 Lavender / Sandalwood / Vanilla

Coil Incense Kit Avail. in 3 scents. 6 pieces per kit, one scent per kit. 2 HOURS PER COIL. Includes specially designed burner. Coil holder included. $20.00
Free _ Pure _ Spirit

Ceramic Coil Holder $3.00

Blossom #5 Incense Coil Set 9 incense coils - rose, violet, plum flower, 2 hours each, includes specially designed dish  type burner $25.00

Tea #6 Incense Coil Set 9 incense coils - green, jasmine, darjeeling, 2 hours each, includes specially designed dish  type burner $25.00


Excellent products and service. So much so that I am sending some of your products as gifts to friends and family. Thank you so much. Peace be with you all  (J. W. - Great Britain)

What a beautiful site, you have going. Congratulations! Thanks for  making my life easier and more peaceful with the scents from the world.
P.E.A.C.E  - Kat

...And, as always I love your products and as soon as I run out of what I ordered, I will be ordering more.
Thanks,  (D.)

Incense Sticks

Smudge Sticks

White Sage Smudge

- Sage
- Sage/ Lavender/Cedar
- Sage/Cedar

Mini Sage 5 1/2" Smudge Sticks -
bag of 3 smudges $7.00

NMC Smudge Sticks

Purple Label White Sage Smudge

Tiny Smudge Sticks assorted - bag of 12 smudges $15.00

Tiny White Sage Smudge Sticks 3" -
$18.00 for bag of 12

Incense Sticks

Long Burning
Incense Sticks

Sai Deep

Jumbo Incense Sticks Purple Label  15 & 30 sticks
Each stick burns 2-3  hours
Black Coconut
Frankincense and Myrrh
Love Supreme
Nag Champa

Jumbo Stick Compartment Burner 

Incense Sticks
Incense Sticks

Tibetan Incense
and Ayurvedic
Enter Here

Pure Tibetan Herbal
Meditation  -  12 inch sticks  $7.00
Tasi Tagge Tibetan Incense -  11 inch box  $7.00
Green Tara Goddess -  8 inch sticks, green box  $6.00
Pancha Buddha -  8 inch sticks, blue box, 5 types  $6.00
Kuan Yin Goddess -  $6.00
Healing Incense -  $4.50
Sri Ganesh
- $6.00
Tibetan Lotus Incense -  10 3/4 inch sticks, box  $7.00
Incense Gift Pack of Five -  6 inch sticks, box
Tibetan assorted $20.00

Original Tara Healing Incense -  6 inch sticks, box 
New "Special inhalant for relief of stress, tension and depression." $4.50

Ayurvedic Meditation Incense -   
20 gram sticks, flat pack or tube  $3.50

Kaviraja Ayurvedic Healing Incense - 25 gram sticks, flat pack with detailed info sheet  $4.00
1-Elements of Nature
2-Health and Harmony

Nepalese Rope Incense

Incense resins, powders, chips, leaves

For Amber resins (enter here)

Aloeswood Powder 100% Pure (10 gram)
Aloeswood Bits (5 grams) fine quality
Aloeswood Dark Chips  very good (5 grams)
Benzoin Resin (20 gm sm bag / 60 gm large bag)
Breuzinho (Amazonian) Resin (10 gm/30gm)
Copal Resin (20 gm sm bag / 60 gm large bag)
Dragon's Blood Resin (25 grams)
Frankincense Resin (20gm sm bag/60gm lg bag)
Frankincense and Myrrh Resin (same wt.)
Myrrh Resin (20 gm sm bag / 60 gm large bag)
Pinon Resin (pinion pine) (10 gm sm bag / 30 gm large bag)
Sage Leaves , Sage, Cedar, Basil Powder
Sandalwood Chips (5 grams)
Sandalwood Powder 100% Pure (10gm)
(10 gm sm bag / 30 gm large bag)
Charcoal 33MM, 10 smaller discs per pack $2.00
Charcoal 38MM, 10 discs per pack $3.50

Incense Sticks

Nazir Art Crafts
Purple Label
(20 incense sticks)

African Musk, Green
Blue Nile
Black Coconut
Chanel #5 type
China Musk
China Rain
Coco Mango
Cool Water type
CK-1 type
Drakkar Noir type
Egyptian Musk
Eternity type
Escape type
Frankincense and Myrrh
Halston type
Joop type
Love Supreme
Night Queen
Red type
Shalimar type
Somali Rose
White Linen type

Handcrafted Incense Line
Ancient Spikenard
Cinnamin & Nyrrh
Citronella Breeze
Mystical Frank & Myrrha
Lavender Breeze
Patchouli Bliss

Pine, Forest
Floral Song
Shanti Sh'eera
and more...

Nazir Art Crafts
Fine Line Incense
(15 incense sticks) 

Egyptian Musk
Janatul Firdous
Janatul Maawa
Jasmine of Thailand
Night Queen
Oak Moss
Tea Rose
White Musk

Nazir Art Crafts 
Finest Line
(10 grams)

Attar Hina
Forest  Mist
Golden Jasmine
Golden Sandalwood
Green Champa
Green Patchouli
Green Rose
Nag Chanpa
Patchouli Select
Raj Laxmi
Rose Chandan
Sri Krishna Flux
Tibetan Musk
Yellow Rose
thick sticks, burn longer
Sai Flora
7 Mysteries
Shanti Flora
Suganda Sringar
Triple Amber

Incense Sticks

Dhoop Sticks and
Japanese Joss Sticks

Dhoop Incense Sticks
- Padmini Superfine
- Padmini King Size
- Padmini
- Sairaj Floral
- Singiri
- Sandal
- Panchavati

Mangal Murti

Joss Sticks

Morning Star Joss Sticks
- Amber
- Cedar
- Cinnamon
- Jasmine
- Lavender
- Musk
- Patchouli
- Pine
- Rose
- Sandalwood
- Vanilla

Less Smoke Incense

Daigen Koh Incense
box & singles
Tendan Sandalwood Incense
Violet, Seiun  (less smoke)
Chrysanthemum, Seiun

(less smoke)

The Art of Incense
Brighten your day in one moments time…

Incense is an art, the ancient art of blending together fragrant gifts of nature into forms conducive for transport and release. Resins, herbs, spices, oils, flowers, leaves, barks and more are gathered and combined (using specific formulas) to create stick incense; cone incense; spiral and coil incense; joss and dhoop sticks (incense without the stick in the middle); loose as well as bundled - to name a few. Just light the tip, blow it out and be transported - unlock and release these treasures of nature into your atmosphere. Incense stimulates and heightens the senses. - The many uses of incense?... to awaken and for pleasant dreams, to vitalize and to sooth, to heal and calm the emotions, to center the mind and enhance meditation, to uplift and energize, clear scattered thoughts  and be at peace.

Nahziryah Monastic Community/ Nazir Art Crafts/ Cloak of Wisdom does not share or sell any of your information (e-mail address, etc.) with others. All orders are processed in a safe environment by resident members of the Monastery.
Thank you very much.

Please visit the main website concerning the Community, the Service.
We are on an infinite journey and there are always heights ahead...
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