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Meditation Supplies


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a service of Nahziryah Monastic Community

Work and meditate, meditate and work is a key ingredient in every aspect of life here at Nahziryah Monastic Community under the guidance and direction of our Spiritual Teacher  - Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD). Every item is offered in service - carrying a peaceful resonance,  much love and deep respect. Meditation supplies  can be purchased from various sources true, or… as has been felt by many familiar with the items  offered by NMC, one can obtain meditation supplies
The Purple People!  (a name many have come to call us over many years because they see purple in our presence - from bottom to top)

"It's an experience in purple... It's a purple experience!"

Meditation Supplies
Peace on Earth begins within…
Specially selected prayer rugs, wooden/bamboo flutes, wrist malas, sandalwood malas, prayer beads, prayer shawls, anointing oil, Zikr beads, Tibetan singing bowls and singing bells, and more…

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Inspiring Guided Meditation books and recordings
Music Meditation CD Recordingslisten to recordings!
Guided Meditation CD Recordings… listen to recordings!

Meditation Rugs/ Prayer Rugs - 45" x 29"
$20.00 each
See below for available colors/patterns 

available color vibrations - patterns vary
Prayer Rugs and Wooden Flutes


1 - Natural Color 13 1/4"L (bamboo) $4.00
2 - Decoratively Hand-painted
(assorted designs) $7
3 - Polished  13"L (hard wood) $12.00

"I received the flutes Saturday. Thank you very much for your extra consideration and attention to my order."
T. B. (TN)


100% cotton w/ sanskrit inscription.
(illustration to right)
Assorted pastel colors $15.00

(no illustration)
!2" (shrinkage lengthwise required)

100% unbleached white cotton monks cloth, thick and durable. Knotted fringes on each end. . For men & women of all faiths & meditative practices. Made here at the NMC Monastery. 

Available in two sizes: 48" x 79" and 48" x 94"
(choose size on order form)
Rev. Nazirmoreh's (ABRD) Special Annoiting Oil Blend

Reverend Nazirmoreh's (ABRD)
Special Anointing Oil Blend
specially blended for deep meditation
order 2 drams $10 size here
more bottle sizes available here

"Dearest Reverand
Thank you so much for you're thoughtful gift of anointing oil. The essence oils are beautiful and everything I expected from the Nahziryah Community. I will enjoy and surely re order. Peace and love to you all."
(N. L. - Florida)

"Thank you to the Reverend for the scent-filled gift of anointment oil and the small pamphlet. I am reverently enjoying.
Sincerely, D. L." - CA

Singing Bowls and Bells

6 1/4 inch high
order here

#BL-H55R 4 inch high
order here

Singing Bowls (4" - 5 1/2" diameter)
Tiny - $35    Small - $40    Medium - $58    Large - $83

(not shown)

Malas / Prayer Beads

Wrist Cedarwood Malas
Large cedar  beads
hand engraved with cedar scent
$18 order here

Long Cedarwood Mala
Hand engraved Cedar Beads
with cedar scent
Order here

Amber Bodhi Root Prayer Bracelet - made from the resin of the Bodhi tree root $22 (#BD672W) order here

Sandalwood Prayer Beads
Dark Red Sandalwood Mala - scentless
- BD716W (1 cm) $18

Yellow Sandalwood Mala
- BD722W (7mm) $16
Singing Bowls, Singing Bells, malas, prayer beads, Islamic zkir beads.

Rudraksha seed 108 beads
order here

Malas/Prayer Beads made here at the NMC monastery

Wood Bead 108 beads $15 (#BD2NMC) order here
Islamic Zikr beads - 99 beads $16 (#BD1NMC) order here


Rev. Nazirmoreh Kedem,
...Personally I was impressed with the website and the jewelry looked so nice I bought more than what I was looking for. I will refer you to all my friends who may have an interest in what your site has to offer. Thank you and God Bless.
(R. M..)

What a beautiful site, you guys have going. Congratulations! Thanks for making my life easier and more peaceful with the scents from the world.
P.E.A.C.E  Kat

...And, as always I love your products and as soon as I run out of what I ordered, I will be ordering more. Thanks,  (D.)

Dear Customer Service- My order was received this afternoon. The scents are wonderful. Thank you so very much, I am very happy. I will be back again. Best wishes, and peace be with you....…(D. B. - Massachusetts)

Thank you so much for your timely reply and customer service with integrity.
(J. L. and C. K. New Jersey)

Nahziryah Monastic Community/ Nazir Art Crafts/ Cloak of Wisdom does not share or sell any of your information (e-mail address, etc.) with others. All orders are processed in a safe environment by resident members of the Monastery.
Thank you very much.

Please visit the main website concerning the Community, the Service.
We are on an infinite journey and there are always heights ahead...
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