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Essential oils
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Essential Oils

Essential Oils - Purple People Market Place
 Essential oils are extracted from plant material by two main methods; simple expression (or pressure) or by steam, water or dry distillation. Essential oils are generally very loose - much like water, have no oily feel to them, evaporate quickly (volatile). Essential oils are best stored in tightly sealed, dark colored glass bottles - to prohibit sun light, air and excessive heat from compromising the essence of the oils. However, when obtaining essential oils in small quantities, clear glass is permissible providing the bottles are kept in the dark (ex. - drawer, purse, pouch, etc.) until ready for use. Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts, therefore having very potent therapeutic values. Each drop is equal to at least one ounce of plant matter.

Essential oils can be used a variety of ways. Some essential oils may be too potent to be used directly on the skin - apply a small amount to see it's effect. There are an unlimited number of ways to use and apply essential oils. Massage oils, which have the essential oil added to a base carrier oil, can be applied directly on the skin. Other methods include adding a few drops directly into bath water or in epsom salt to make bath salts; inhaling by adding a few drops to steaming water, aromatherapy diffuser, humidifier, light bulb or lit candle; in laundry or dish washing water.

Disclaimer: Please consult a health care practitioner to insure health and safety of user.