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Ayurvedic Sandalwood Soap Bee and Flower Soap ON SALE Black Soap
Black Soap
Price: $3.00
with neem jasmine / ginseng 100% vegetable base, cocoa butter with vitamin E
Black Soap with shea butter Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap Almond Liquid Castille Soap
with shea butter and aloe vera sandalwood, all natural, animal free
75 grams
4 bottle sizes to choose from
Eucalyptus Liquid Castille Soap Lavender Liquid Castille Soap Peppermint Liquid Castille Soap
4 bottle sizes to choose from 4 bottle sizes to choose from 4 bottle sizes to choose from
Encased Block Magnet Acupuncture Spot Magnets Neodymium Disk 1" Magnets
Versatile magnet used for therapeutic use, or for magnetizing drinking water to North polarity. Acupunture Magnets 12000; High strength acupuncture spot magnets are mounted with biomagnetic South pole facing the skin as used in acupuncture therapy for stimulation. Gold-plated neodymium spot magnets. Strongest magnets available for deepest penetration.
Mysore Sandal Soap Natural Eyes Vision Glasses Neti Pot Nasal Rinse
made from the pure vegetable ingredients and contains natural Mysore Sandalwood
75 grams
Many people have experienced amazing improvements in their vision by wearing the Natural Eyes Vision Glasses and following the exercises in the manual provided with the kit. Ceramic
Helps relieve sinus problems; lessens the impact of colds & flus
Sandalwood Paste SATYA SAI BABA Nag Champa Soap Sea Fresh Toothpaste
Sandalwood Paste
Price: $4.50
blend of sandalwood and amber 145 grams (150 gram gross wt) Vegan formula made with certified organic blue green algae
Thai Deodorant Stone w/ pouch
Made without the addition of chemicals, fragrances, oils, or alcohol