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Thank you for your wonderful aromas! They not only brighten my day, but bring smiles and happy comments for the treat of a wonderful scent from almost all I come into contact with. Indeed, may love prevail on Earth.
A. J. (NY)

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Amethyst Gem Elixir Essences Amber Gem Elixir Essences Aquamarine Gem Elixir Essences

Amethyst – Blood cleanser & energizer. Helps alleviate addictions. Purification & regeneration on all levels of consciousness – purple is a color of the highest spiritual vibratory rate. Meditative, divine love, inspiration.

Amber: Aid to deep meditation. Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Spiritualizes the intellect.

Aquamarine: Purifies the body, gives clarity to the mind, calms the emotions. Inspirational. Assists in dispelling fears and phobias. Creative expression, meditative.

AzuriteGem Elixir Essences Citrine Gem Elixir Essences Fluorite Gem Elixir Essences

Azurite: Vitalizes energy flow through nervous system, strengthens blood, cleanses the mental body. Aid to clear meditation. Creativity, intuition, transformation.

Citrine: Cheerful, lighthearted, golden rays of hope. Warming, energizing. Detoxification on all levels – physical, mental, emotional. Disperses self-destructiveness. Assists in awareness of higher Self. Attracts abundance.

Fluorite: Strengthens bones/ teeth, assimilation of nutrients. Powerful physical healer. Grounds excess energy, improves concentration, meditation.
Hematite Gem Elixir Essences Lodestone Gem Elixir Essences Moonstone Gem Elixir Essences
Hematite: Relieves stress, energizing. Assists blood circulation. Will, courage.   Lodestone: Relieves stress, energizing. Assists blood circulation. Will, courage.   Lodestone: Relieves stress, energizing. Assists blood circulation. Will, courage.  
Quartz Gem Elixir Essences Tourmaline Gem Elixir Essences Turquoise Gem Elixir Essences
Clear Quartz Crystal : Amplifies thought energy. Meditation, visualization, aid in consciousness expansion & further spiritual development Tourmaline: Powerful healer – balances endocrine system, vitalizes body and mind. Highly electromagnetic. Dispels fears & negativity. Protective. Concentration, inspiration, understanding. Turquoise: Strengthens entire physical body, tissue regeneration, blood circulation, respiratory system