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Colored empty glass bottles
for preserving therapeutic value of essential oils.

#L1 AMBER-BROWN 1/2 oz. with eye dropper top $2.00
#L2 AMBER-BROWN 1 oz. with dropper top $2.00

#F1 COBALT BLUE 1/3 oz. (10ml) w/ dropper insert, top & seal $1.50
#F2 COBALT BLUE 1.7 oz. (50ml) w/ dropper insert, top & seal $2.50
#F3 COBALT BLUE  3.4 oz. (100ml) w/ dropper insert, top & seal  $3.00

#N1 Crystal Clear Square 1/3 oz. w/ glass stopper $5.00
#N2 Emerald Green Square 1.3 oz. with glass stopper $5.50
#N3 Cobalt Blue Square 1.3 oz. with glass stopper $5.50

#N4 Blue Bottle with ridges 1/3 oz. with tassel $5.00
#N5 Green Bottle with ridges 1/3 oz. with tassel $5.00
#N6 Sunflower 1/4 oz. clear glass, top with tassel $5.00

...Clear Glass Bottles...

#RGS 2 oz. Globe Top clear round bottle w/ glass stopper $7.00
Temple of Gold  1/2 oz. 
Temple of Gold  1/3oz.  $2.00
Spray Bottle 1/3 oz.
Spray Bottle 1 oz. 
Octagon w/ Dip Stick 2 drams

Clear Glass Bottles

Any of the following perfume bottle designs (illus. to the right) $1.00 

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Standard Size Bottles
Tester size (1/3 dram)
1/2 dram size

1 dram size
2 dram size
Standard Special (w/ applicator) -1/3 oz.

Rollon Bottles
Short Rollon (1/8 oz.) 
Tall Rollon (1/3 oz.)
Tapered Rollon (1/2 oz.)
One ounce rollon

1 Dram Bottles

'Gold Leaf Octagon'
The Cube

2 Dram Bottles
The Small Pond (-2 drams )
The Full Moon (2 drams)

1/2 oz Bottles
The Globe
Flower Bud

1 oz. Bottles
The Tower
Large Gift Box

Any of these clear empty glass bottles $1.00 each

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