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The Book of the Words of
Reverend Nazirmoreh (ABRD)


"The Book of Series"
Copyright 1997, All Rights Reserved

Nahziryah Monastic Community
Nazir Order of the Purple Veil

Blessings and Thanks to our Spiritual Master
Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem (A.B.R.D.)

Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem

Reverend Nazirmoreh K. B. Kedem
(All Blessings and Respect Due)
Founder, Spiritual Head and Director of
Nahziryah Monastic Community
Retreat for Meditation and Wholistic Living
Monastic Ecovillage / The Community Of The Purple Lodge
The Nazir Order Of The Purple Veil / In The Degree Of The Ascension

Oh where do your ears hear to
When you hear to
Oh where do your eyes see
when you see
Oh where do your songs go
When you sing
Oh where do your steps go
When you walk on
Where do your moans go
When you moan
Where does your heart go
When you feel the storm
Can you walk on
Oh do you walk on
Oh can you be strong
Oh when you see the wrong
On can you be strong
Oh when you see what is right
Do you walk on in that light
Oh can you be strong
When you see all those things
That are not of you
That are not of me
Oh when you see your misery
Oh can you be strong
Oh when you see, you feel, you hear
All those things that are wrong
All those things that kept us away so long
Let us walk on
Oh to where we belong…

excerpt from
Chant-Prayers to All Thru Nazirmoreh (1970-1981)

Effective Collective Force

… Collectively working together as physical/material beings, you see, or physical material bodies, you know, on a physical/material plane of service and work to do in that area - activated, motivated, or supported, or realized by their True Inner Being, True Inner Oneness. But still that True Inner Being, that True Inner Oneness has to be expressed on a physical, material plane of existence to be noticed and recognized to give stimulus, you see. To give stimulus and to give experience to activate and motivate other physical, material, body/mind consciousnesses to go within and to attune themselves to their Inner Being.       

    But these groups are here, here, here, and here. You have different dimensions or planes throughout the universe. After that group has reached a certain degree of collective effort and cohesive togetherness, then they are attuning themselves to other groups on a higher plane. And even as attuning on a higher plane, they begin to merge on the lower plane as well, because it's a completion, a circle is being made, a balance. And they are aware or attune to other beings in physical/material body travel,  traveling. And of course they begin to work together until they become an effective force, an effective force. Effective collective force to help dispel some of the negative energies...


… you reach a degree in which you say, 'I'm not involved, I'm not involuted. I'm not involuted and not individuated. I've reached a level of consciousness by knowing that I'm a part of All That Is, Was and Ever Shall Be. I am a part of the universal wholeness and oneness of all existence, and all things - Truth, Light and Love - Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding. I'm attuned to that', you see. But still you're traveling in the body on the physical/material plane of existence. So even the realization and the knowing of that and reaching that degree of awareness, you're still bombarded by thought energies and you're still struggling, you see. You feel beautiful and very much attuned, at One. And then the energies get you bombarded - because you're still centering in 'me' to a certain extent. And that's a part of the ego too.

Then you reach a certain degree of awareness whereas you feel the need of knowing to unite with your brothers and your sisters, beyond the body, beyond the mind, beyond the physical, race, nationality, sex, and so on and so forth, and the True Spiritual Love, one toward each other. You reach a degree of beyond the division, and attune to the Oneness of All. We are One. I'm not alone. So you reach that degree and you begin to work with your brothers and your sisters toward a higher goal more spiritual attunement or awareness or service. So as you work and as you meditate, and as you experience, and as you serve - then you create a stronger force, you see. Because you have risen above the division, in a degree.

You attuned yourself to the Oneness, in a degree. And that Oneness gives you a little more power, a little more force beyond your selfish nature, your selfish programming. "First be true to yourself, then you can be false to no man". You understand what I'm saying? That's a degree, that's a degree of awareness, or another degree of service. You believe yourself, then you believe other people - you are attuned and attracted to other people and energies that are traveling on the plain of consciousness you're traveling on.

And the service and the collective work and the collective effort is making a wider hole within that thought energy, that thought atmosphere. And it pushes a hole or opening in the massive thought energy or thought atmosphere, where more spiritual energies or power will come through that degree of negativity. So then you reach that degree and you become a little more spiritually attuned, a little stronger. You have a little more support. You are aware of the support, you are attuned to that support, you feel it. You feel more secure, more strong and powerful - but keep it positive, of course. When I say positive - Love, keep that Love, you see.

You reach that point whereas, pockets here and here and here and here and here, collectively working to push a little hole in the thought atmosphere that is not conducive to the furtherance of man's spiritual development and consciousness expansion…

So you get within a little pocket, that group. And  from there you have risen to a point whereas you say, 'Yes, I know it's more than just me, that I should be concerned about - it's existence, it's my brothers and sisters, within the group. It gets like that. Even though you're working hard, collectively for all existence and all creation, you get centered in the group. And then the group goes from a 'me' to a 'we'. But you get stuck in 'we', too. You see what I'm saying? And you get whereas you say, 'Oh, my group is the group, my way is the way. My group's way is the way. And everybody else is not because we have it all, you see. And at that point you get kind of stuck, you get kind of crystallized because you have to rise beyond that group into the All.

And those groups should merge with other groups to help make the opening bigger, you see. To raise beyond that into the All. In other words, to make that opening, through collective union - not me, not we, but All That Is, Was, and Ever Shall Be. And to open that whereas the whole opening will fill the whole earth and all of the beautiful energies will descend on earth, and it won't be that 'I don't know, I'm not sure'...

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