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Gem Elixirs

By placing a gemstone in the essence oil of your choice, the properties inherent in the gemstone are imbued into the oil - blending with, accentuating, and expanding the healing properties/vibrations of both the stone and the essence oil.

Wear your gem elixir just as you would
your favorite fragrance oil
for it is…

To create your Gem Elixir:

Below is a full list of gemstones available along with their healing properties, a list of suggested aroma therapy oils, and a full list of oils by name. Just find the healing properties of the gemstone and oil which most attracts you. Then go to the order form to make your final selections.

Gem Elixirs offered in the one dram roll on bottle

Create your gem elixirs here

Full List of Gem Stones

Amber -  Charged with solidified golden light. Healing, soothing, stabilizing, harmonizing. Opens the doors of the mind to higher realms.

Amethyst - Blood cleanser & energizer. Helps alleviate addictions. Purification & regeneration on all levels of consciousness - purple is a color of the highest spiritual vibratory rate. Meditative,  divine love, inspiration.

Aquamarine - Purifies the body, gives clarity to the mind, calms the emotions. Inspirational. Assists in dispelling fears and phobias. Creative expression, meditative.

Azurite - Vitalizes energy flow through nervous system, strengthens blood, cleanses the mental body. Aid to clear meditation. Creativity, intuition, transformation.

Citrine - Cheerful, lighthearted, golden rays of hope. Warming, energizing. Detoxification on all levels - physical, mental, emotional. Disperses self-destructiveness. Assists in awareness of higher Self. Attracts abundance.

Fluorite - Strengthens bones/ teeth, assimilation of nutrients. Powerful physical healer. Grounds excess energy, improves concentration, meditation.

Hematite - Relieves stress, energizing. Assists blood circulation. Will, courage.

Lodestone - Aligns energy field. Magnetic, attractive element. Powerful healer.

Moonstone - Emotional balancer, relieves anxiety & stress. Assists in birthing, female imbalances. Calming, align emotional body with higher Self.

Quartz Crystal Amplifies thought energy. Meditation, visualization, aid in consciousness expansion & further spiritual development.

Tourmaline - Powerful healer - balances endocrine system, vitalizes body and mind. Highly electromagnetic. Dispels fears & negativity. Protective. Concentration, inspiration, understanding.

Turquoise - Strengthens entire physical body, tissue regeneration, blood circulation, respiratory system

Oil Suggestions:
(full list of oils below)

Acacia  - Relieves stress, nervous exhaustion.

Amber - Aid to deep meditation. Healing, soothing, harmonizing. Spiritualizes the intellect. (5 amber oils to choose from, see list below)

Clary Sage - Tranquility, peace of mind, relaxation, confidence, antidepressant, vivid dreams. Strengthens kidneys.  Aids PMS.

Frankincense - Excellent for meditation, inner strength, intuition, mystical. Calms body/ mind & emotions. Peaceful sleep and pleasant dreams. (3 frankincense oils to choose from, see list below)

Grapefruit - Vibrant, light, cheerful. Aids in dispersing negativity, depression. Promotes digestion. Tones body, circulation, liver, kidneys, pancreas, gall bladder, nervous system.

Jasmine - Sensual, aphrodisiac. Assists in opening the heart to spiritual realms. Emotionally uplifting, eases depression. Stimulates creativity, dreams.

Joy -  a cheerful blend conducive to contentment and acceptance of life's circumstances.

Lavender - Highly charged purifying/ healing properties.  Eases depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches. Strengthens immune system, respiratory system. Cleanses birthing room environment, reduces labor pains. Clears negativity from aura & environment. Promotes intuition, inner guidance. (2 lavender oils to choose, see list below)

Myrrh - Deep meditation,  mystical, sacred. Promotes inner strength, confidence, courage. (4 myrrh oils to choose, see list below)

Melkah - Tranquility, peace of mind,  inspiring.

Patchouli - Assists in dispersing scattered thinking, confusion, depression. Sedative, calms nerves. Skin regeneration- aged, cracked, & other skin problems.  Insect repellent. (5 patchouli oils to choose from, see list below)

Peppermint - Refreshing, vitalizing. Assists in clearing negativity in aura & environment. Concentration, calms nerves. Eases headaches, digestion, nausea, colds, flu.

Rose - Brightens the heart, romantic, inspirational, beauty, harmony, divine love. Soothes relationship difficulties. Relieves tension, sadness, grief, envy, jealously, resentment, anger. Rejuvenates circulation, nervous system. Aids constipation. (2 rose oils to choose from, see list below)

Sandalwood - Opening, centering. Calms mind & emotions. Very meditative. Relaxing, calming, relieves depression/ stress. Inner strength. (6 sandalwood oils to choose from, see list below)

Tangerine - Light & cheerful. Assists adjusting to life's circumstances. Aids sleep., calming. Stimulates digestion.

Vetiver -Tranquility. Balances connection with earth. Aids in development of patience & stillness. Deep relaxation.

About Aromatherapy Oils
Essence oils exude subtle energies which have positive influences on ones' physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. How do they affect these states?

Ask the humble bee that passes by.
Inquire of the vibrant butterfly.
Search all the earth and throughout the sky.
Or look within to discover why...

Below lists brief information in parenthesis on the therapeutic qualities of selected aromas. Whether there is information listed next to an oil or not, each and every one has positive benefits. Try any of the oils and…
experience the true in-dwelling aroma.

Create your gem elixirs here

A-L Essence Oils List

M-Z Essence Oils List

Aromatherapy Properties

- Acacia (Relieves stress, nervous exhaustion)
- Adoration
- African Musk (clear or green)
- Almond Oil (relaxation, reduce stress, eases painful periods and PMS symptoms)
- Every amber oil (aid to deep meditation, spiritualizes the intellect)
- Amber, Light
- Amber, Thick (w/ resin)
- Amber, Tunisian Dark Thick
- Amber, Tunisian
- Anais Anais type (refreshes the constitution)
- Angel type
- Anointing Oil, Rev Nazirmoreh
- Apple Blossom (love, peace, happiness)
- Apple, Green
- Aramis type
- Aromatic Elixir type
- Baby Powder type
- Banana Oil (cheerfulness, soothing)
- Beautiful type
- Bergamot (Bright, cheerful, opens the heart to love & life, confidence, good for acne, cold sores, enhances sensuality, success, wealth)
- Bijan Oil (M/W) type
- Bliss Oil
- Blue Champa
- Blue Nile
- Blue Sonata
- Boss Sports type
- Carnation Essence(physical energy, love, health)
- Casmir type
- Cedar wood Oil (Aids in clarity, optimism, calms aggression - Insect repellant)
- Chanel #5 type
- Chanel #19 type
- Cherry
- Cherry Wonder
- Chelsea Flower type
- Chinese Flower
- China Musk
- China Rain
- Chrome type
- Cinnabar - Cinnamon (Romantic expression, clairvoyance, inspiration, prosperity, protection, growth, peace)
- CK-1 type
- Clary Sage #2 (Tranquility, prosperity, antidepressant, aids PMS, regulates menstruation)
- Coco Mango
- Coconut, Black
- Coconut, White
- Cool Water (M/W) type
- Cypress (Offers peace, comfort and strength - Enhances physical vitality)
- Crystal type
- Darbar, Indian
- Devotion
- Drakkar Noir type
- Edom
- Egyptian Musk
- Escape (M/W) type
- Eternity (M/W)type
- Eucalyptus type (Invigorating, penetrating; aids in relieving grief, sorrow; helps respiratory problems; antiseptic; insect repellant)
- Fahrenheit type
- Fendi type
- Ferdous type
- First type
- Frangipani (Helps restore peace & harmony; exotic, aphrodisiac; refreshes and assists in deep cleansing)
Every frankincense oil (meditation, inner strength, calms emotions, pleasant dreams)
- Frankincense, Sudanese
- Frankincense, Tunisian
- Frankincense & Myrrh
- Frankincense & Myrrh Classic
- Freesia type (love, peace)
- Gardenia (love, peace, spirituality)
- Geranium (Quieting, balances body, mind, emotion; Eases mood swings; Helps children in times of anxiety; Aids PMS; Antiseptic; anti-fungal properties)
- Geranium, Rose
- Giorgio (M/W) type
- Ginger (Energizing - Promotes confidence - Helps memory - Good for colds, flu, fever)
- Grapefruit (Cheerful, disperses negativit - )
- Glorious type
- Halston (M) type
- Halston Z14 type
- Hayim
- Heliotrope #2 (Soothes nerves, calming, aid in controlling anxiety)
- Hero type
- Hibiscus (Love, releasing heaviness on all levels, constipation, nausea)
- Hina
- Honey, Musk
- Honeysuckle (weight loss, psychic awareness, prosperity)
- Hyacinth (overcoming grief, love, peaceful sleep)
- Hyssop (Concentration, prosperity, protection, consciousness expansion)
- Indian Musk
- Infinity
- Insight type
- Issey Miyake type
- Jasmine (Sensual, emotionally uplifting, eases depression)
- Jontu type
- Joop (M/W) type
- Joy type (Cheerful, helps one accept life’s circumstances)
- Juniper (Clears negative energy - Enhances memory - Helps urinary infections)
- Kari
- Knowing type
- Kouras type
- Kontra type
- Kush
- L’Air Du Temp type
- Lauren Oil type
- Every Lavender oil (Eases depressions, highly charged healing properties; Reduces labor pain, skin problems, strengthens immune system, lowers high blood pressure, speed all healing processes)
- Lavender #88R (sweet lavender blend)
- Lavender Flora #88F Flora (sweet)
- Lavender Unique#88M
- Lemon (Lively, energizing, purifying - Brings cheer and strength in times of illness - Eases depression)
- Lily of the Valley (Brightens disposition, gentleness, happiness, modesty, protection)
- Every lotus oil (Spiritual unfoldment and development, ethereal, Divine Inspiration)
- Lotus Royal
- Lotus Blossom
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Aromatherapy Properties

- Magnolia (love)
- Mango , Exotic
- Mango, Tropical
- Marjoram (Comforting, calming, Warms the heart - Good for bronchitis, asthma, heart problems)
- Mawa
- Melkah (Tranquility, peace of mind, inspiring)
- Mogra** (Indian Jasmine) - Mulberry
- Musk, Afrikan (clear)
- Musk, Green Afrikan
- Musk, Green India
- Musk, Ami
- Musk, Arabian
- Musk, Black
- Musk, China
- Musk, Egyptian
- Musk, Egyptian Supreme
- Musk, Egyptian #2 (slightly less sweet)
- Musk, India
- Musk, Honey
- Musk, Jovan (M/W) type
- Musk, Morocco
- Musk, Night
- Musk, Red (soft, energizing musk)
- Musk, Sweet Oriental type
- Every myrrh oil (Mystical, sacred, confidence, courage)
- Myrrh, Tunisian
- Myrrh, Moroccan
- Nag Champa
- Naim
- Neroli (Orange Blossom) Inspiration, creativity - Deep sleep - Greatly eases fear, hysteria, depression, stress)
- Nirvana
- Norel type
- Nour, Oriental type
- Ocean Dreams type
- Ohaybah
- Ombre rose type
- Opium, Dark
- Opium, White
- Orange Sweet (Stimulates creativity, Soothes nerves)
- Orchid #2 (appreciation of and attunement to Beauty, uplifting)
- Paloma Picasso type
- Every patchouli oil (Disperses scattered thinking, calms nerves, skin regeneration, insect repellant)
- Patchouli, Natural
- Patchouli, Essential
- Patchouli, Tunisian
- Every peach oil (Aromatherapy properties of peach include: brightens one's outlook on life, emotional balance, weight control)
- Peach
- Peach Dream
- Peach #2, Fuzzy
- Peach, Tropical
- Peppermint (Refreshing, aids concentration aids colds & flus)
- Pine (Helpful for apathy and lethargy)
- Pineapple (pleasantly stimulating)
- Polo Sport type
- Pure Purple (awakening)
- Quoram
- Rain
- Red type
- Rose oils (brightens the heart, romantic, relieves tension, sadness, grief, jealousy, anger, resentment Aids constipation)
- Rose, Black
- Rose, English
- Rose, New Red
- Rose, White Tunisian
- Rosemary (Enhances mental clarity, concentration, memory; Useful for studying, computer work and other intellectual pursuits - Rejuvenates the skin, excellent for wounds and burns)
- Sabeeb
- Safari, Afrikan type
- Every sandalwood oil (Calms mind and emotions; Meditative, relaxing, relieves depression and stress)
- Sandalwood, Arabian
- Sandalwood, Eastern
- Sandalwood, Egyptian
- Sandalwood, Breeze
- Sandalwood, Tunisian
- Sandalwood, Woody
- Scent Al Jannat
- Serenity
- Shalimar type
- Shushan
- Silence type
- Sodahlah
- Spikenard (an anointing oil used in ancient times; calming, assists in reducing stress, tension, and insomnia; anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, sedative, laxative; also aids in relieving migraines and nervous indigestion)
- Strawberry
- Sweet Pea (happiness, courage)
- Sunflower (sunshine, peace of mind)
- Sweet Rain
- Tatiana type
- Thyme (courage, consciousness expansion, health)
- Tommy Girls type
- Tommy Hilfiger type
- Tresor type
- Vanilla (sex, love, physical energy)
- Vanilla, Creamy (similar vibration)
- Verbena, Lemon (love, purification)
- Vetiver Light (Tranquility, earthy, deeply relaxing; Aids develop of patience; Rids worry, fear)
- Violet, African
- White Linen type
- White Musk
- White Nile type
- White Shoulders type
- Wisteria Lilac ( assist one to attune to one's higher Self; protection)
- Ylang Ylang (Exotic, sensual; Assists in overcoming sexual difficulties)
- Youth Dew type
- Zanzibar
- Zohar

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