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  Frankincense Myrrh Essence Oil
Frankincense Myrrh Essence Oil
Testimonial: "You have the most wonderful scents on the planet! Thank you. I will always continue buying from you!" - N. C. (Washington)

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Frankincense and Myrrh Oil

Information Guide:
Essence oils are derived from essential oils which have been formulated to be worn directly on the skin. Also known as perfume oils and fragrance body oils, these essences are excellent for aromatherapy usages. The Purple People's Frankincense and Myrrh Oils are uncut, alcohol free, long lasting and smell naturally a little different on each person ~ they mix with one's body chemistry. For more information, please see product details below.

  • a unique collection of frankincense and myrrh oils
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Product Code: 56M

Frankincense, Sudanese
Frankincense, Tunisian
Myrrh, Tunisian
Myrrh, Moroccan
Frankincense and Myrrh

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Description Did you know... Value and Uses

Frankincense and Myrrh Essence OilThe Purple People's Frankincense and Myrrh Essence Oils are uncut, alcohol free, long lasting… truly some of the best fragrance available. These high grade essence oils are excellent for aromatherapy uses; to scent candles; freshen potpourri; in soap making; massage oils; bath oil... and of course, as a perfume body oil - to smell just truly wonderful.


Frankincense Essence Oils

Aromatherapy uses & benefits of frankincense oil include: assists in restoring peace & harmony
* Sudanese Frankincense (very sweet, red/brown)
* Tunisian Frankincense
(sweet resinal, traditional, green/brown)

Myrrh Essence Oils
Aromatherapy uses & benefits properties include: Mystical, sacred, confidence, courage
* Tunisian Myrrh (sweet, resinal, mild)
* Moroccan Myrrh
(spicy, traditional, resinal)

Frankincense and Myrrh
Aromatherapy uses & benefits of frankincense oil include:
excellent for meditation, protection, consecration


"Heard you had the best sage and frankincense and myrrh... can't wait to test it out!" J. B. (NM)

"Hello. I'm a returning customer who receives numerous compliments whenever I wear your beautiful Frankincense oil. The smell makes me happy; thank you." J. F. (FL)

"Thank you for doing what you do. I have been searching for 25 years to find Sudanese Frankincense and Egyptian Sandalwood of this quality. I have been disappointed MANY times in the past. I must say that when your package arrived today I experienced what I can only describe as JOY in the discovery of the contents. Thank you for bringing Joy into the world! Peace be with you!" Tom

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